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Am I cute Enough?

*age: 16

Lime Green
*Movies: Lion King, A Walk to Remember, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Nightmare before Christmas...
*Store: Old Navy, DD's Disscounts, Wal Mart, Target, etc.
*Singers/bands: Michael Jackson, Jackson 5/The Jacksons, Justin Timberlake, Nsync, X-Tina, Chingy, ppl like that...
*Song: Anthing by Michal Jackson/Jackson5/The Jacksons. lol...
*Actress and actor:Seann William Scott, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, etc. N/A for actress, they're all pretty good
*Hobbies: Checkin out guys... DUH!!! Lol, having fun, talking on the phone, track and field... etc

>>Essays<< (must be more than 2 sentences)
I really don't agree w/ abortion... I mean yeah, the woman should be able to choose weither they want to keep the kid or not, but what if she decides to get an abortion but the dad wants to keep it? If the woman doesn't want the baby she should just give it up for adoption. You know what I mean. I have more to say but... I just don't know how to word it.
Sex: It's great!!! Lol... when the time is right, that's when you should have sex. You shouldn't be like them little girls on Muray, having sex just because you can or whatever. You need to wait for sex. That's all I have to say! =0]
Drugs: It's a waist of money... yeah, I would know... when we use to live with my dad he would spen his pay check on 'em... so we were always broke... and he had a GOOD paying job!!! I just know what it can do to a family, and I really don't agree with anyone doing drugs... shoot I was just talking on the phone with my dad last night and I yelled at him for doing drugs... I love him thoug... and he knows I'm just concerend (sp?)...
Why should we accept you? Because I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm conceded... I'm cool, I love people, I'm friendly most the time unless you make me mad... and i can go on... I think you ladys should accept me because there's no one really in this community, and I can add life to this party!!! Wooooohooooo!!!! Lol!!!
Give us 2 LJ users that we can invite. I don't really have any friends on here that I can invite... =0\ Sorry!!!
Pictures: Oh I have plenty of those!!!


Roaw!!! Me tryin to be sexy right after strighening my hair!!! =0p


Me and my nephew at my brother's wedding reception(sp?)


Me at track pracice... so that's why I look soo tore up!!! But I love my cheese smile!!!


Just postin on the couch!!!


My Cousin, my younges older brother, and me @ the air port right before Dee went back to VA...


Me posin @ MarinWold right before getting on our first ride that day!!! "Hmmm... do I want to get on???" Lol

Want more? Just message me!!!

I am cure enough!!! Lol... hopefuly!!!


(((a.k.a. Kalina)))

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