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so0_cute's Journal

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Im starting this new points theme .. The one who earns the most points will become the member of the month and get one auto accept and one auto reject. (this will go on until January 15th)

1. Get someone to join. for every person that you get to join you will get 30 points. Make sure they tell us that you told them to join.

2. PROMOTE!!-- Give us a list of places you promoted -- 5 points for every promote.

3. Post pictures- you get 5 points.

4. Make a promotion banner - 25 points.

For New Applicants.
-Post your application within 24 hours of joining.
-Put your application under an lj cut. If you dont we wont even look at it! You will have 3-5 days to fix it and then your application will be deleted and you will have to re-join.
-You must be at least 14
-Fill out the whole application and dont rush.
-In the subject line put "Am i cute enough?" just so we know you read the rules.
-Bold your answers if you know how to. If you dont thats ok but it just makes it easier to read when its bold.
-Dont Bitch at members if they vote no. This is a rating community and you came into this knowing you were going to be rated! So if you cant take rejection then dont post an application.
-Fighting is allowed. No Fighting with the mods or that will result in an auto rejection.
-After you are accepted it is your job to vote and promote!
-You will need to fill out the application and post at least 3 pictures.
-If you are rejected you can re-apply after 7 days with new pictures.
-no NUDITY whatsoever!


*Actress and actor:

Essays (must be more than 2 sentences)
Why should we accept you ?
Give us 2 LJ users that we can invite.

Stamped members Rules:

-When voting on applications, please put yes or no in the subject line. It makes it easier for us to count up the votes.
-When voting BE HONEST! They know that they were going to be rated so say whats on your mind!
-After being accepted put the stamp in your userinfo!
-When posting pictures please put them behind an LJ cut.
-Occasionally there will be posting by a mod to see if everyone is still active. And if you do not reply within 4 days you will be kicked out and have to re-apply.
-This community is based on 95% looks and 5% on the application.
-PROMOTING is allowed but you can only promote ONCE a week.
-Nudity is NOT allowed.
-Put stamped// as the subject line in all your posts.


-Stay active in the community.
-You have to be helpful (ex: telling the mods if someone broke a rule, or how to improve the community).
-Dont break ANY rules.
-You have to be accepted first because the mods have to be a member of this community.
-If the owner leaves one of the other moderators may be selected to be the next owner.
-ALWAYS promote this community!

Mod Rules:

-Please put MOD// in the subject line of your posts.
-Yes you may post about anything in the community, but you must still have it under an LJ cut.
-Do not delete posts without the owners permission.
-Do not change anything in the community w/ out the owners permission (ex: layout, member list etc.)

if you are rejected you may face battle someone. Heres what you do. YOu post pictures up and tell us who you want to battle. Then all the members Vote and say which one they think is prettier. If you win aganist them you you will be accepted! If you lose you wil be rejected again and may re-apply in a week. The persont that you battle has to be a member, and if the member loses, they will have to get 5 people to join within 5 days or they will be kicked out of the community and have to re-apply.